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Posted Time : 4/27/2020 2:23:04 PM
Mamie Lycett says : Hi Everyone, I want to send you good wishes & good health in your future studies. I have a couple reading assignments for you. 1984 by George Orwell Brave New World by Aldous Huxley What is happening now is criminal. I urge you to write local and federal goverments and voice your disgust with how they are handling this situation. You should voice your opinion everywhere you go. You will not be manipulated by fear. I urge you to do research and to think for yourself and question everything that government tells you. Please share these links, we need to end this crime against us. Important News Feeds Important Tools DO NOT SUBMIT TO TYRANNY, HAVE COURAGE TO DEFEND YOUR FREEDOM! GOD BLESS YOU ALL Reply :
Posted Time : 4/7/2020 10:00:34 PM
Mary Wingo says : Good afternoon---I am not sure who to contact, so if you could route this message into proper hands, I sure would appreciate it! I know that a lot of businesses heavily rely on shipments from all over the world in order to keep everything flowing. However, it appears that the gravity of the Coronavirus epidemic is curtailing shipments on millions of consumer products, with no end in sight. I am here to source crucial items needed so that you can keep your business running smoothly. My name is Mary Wingo (native US citizen) and I can help you with supply from South America for the following sectors: -Building supplies, including paints and adhesive -Clothing, including uniforms, sports, underwear, hats, and shoes -Certain industrial materials -Plastics -Promotional and corporate gifts/awards -Ceramics -Fabric labeling and branding Anything else I can evaluate case by case. I have carefully vetted local, family owned factories in person about these items to ensure deliverability and quality. These are items fully made locally, so there is no worry of supply chain disruption. I have been in the import/export business for 12 years and I believe that I can help you fill crucial gaps to help you keep things running. When would be a good time to continue this dialog further? Mary Wingo USA:+1-682-227-0100 USA +1-325-515-4103 WhatsApp +593997072884 Skype ID: maryiscontary13359 North Highway 183 Suite 406-577 Austin TX 78750 Reply :
Posted Time : 6/22/2018 9:31:08 PM
OZIE says : Hi! Please note an important offer for you. Reply :
Posted Time : 9/22/2017 3:44:53 PM
IvanFag says : Reply :
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